Favorite Apps

By marking Apps as your favorite Apps, you can be in your favorite Valorx Fusion Apps in 3 clicks after opening Excel.

Quickest way to open Valorx Fusion Apps

Marking the Valorx Fusion Apps that you use day-to-day as favorites is our recommended way to use them because its the fastest way to put you into your working mode.

To do so, connect to your environment and open the Apps List. Turn the favorite toggle of an App to on, and voila, it's now in the Favorites List.

All you need to do now is click on the App you want to launch in the Favorites List, and we will auto connect you to the environment this App is sitting in, and open the App - all in one click. You don't even need to see the Start screen again (unless your App Designer is releasing another amazing App).

App Designers can mark an App as Runtime Favorite or Design Studio Favorite. It will launch the App in different mode based on your selection.