Valorx Fusion
Launch from CRM
Users has an option to launch an app from CRM. In case Designers wants to launch any data from Excel to CRM. Designers will opt for Launch from CRM and then, users needs to visit the Salesforce and click on Launch from CRM then, the app will be launched from Salesforce directly.
  • Open the Workflow and on the right hand side of the Workflow users will find the Workflow Settings.
  • Click on the name of the Workflow and users will find two options like Run at App Launch or Launch From CRM.
  • Check-in the option for Launch from CRM and click on Save.
Click on Launch from CRM instructions and a popup window will open which guides the users on how to configure a workflow to launch it from CRM.
Select the object from " Select Objects to open its Page Layouts" drop-down and click on Open Layout.
Now, Designer will be directed to Salesforce where we can find the page layout for that account. On the left hand side of Salesforce tree look for Build> Customize > Account > Button, Links and Actions.
  • Click New Button or Link.
  • Provide the name for the button under Label.
  • Select the Display Type as "Detail Page Button". Click on View example and it a window will pops up where we can find the way the button looks.
  • Select the Behavior to "Display in New Window".
  • Copy the URL from the instructions and paste it in the space provided under Content Source.
  • Edit the ContextId (highlighted below) by selecting the field from Insert Merge Field drop-down.
  • Click on Check Syntax to find if we have any Syntax errors.
  • Click on Quick Save and then, click on Save Layout.
  • Go back to the Account Layout and Under Fields Click on Buttons and drag and drop the button under the Page Layout.
  • Button is now added to the app.
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