Valorx Fusion
Valorx Home has different sections besides the Home. Environments, Users and profile are the three sections found along with Home. Users first needs to login or signup to Valorx Home.
Login to the Valorx Home with the Valorx credentials. Signup if the user is coming for the first time.
Once, you provide the credentials and login to Valorx Home you can find the below screen with four sections.
Home: Refer Valorx Home to know more information.
Environments: Users will create environments to whitelist the Salesforce Org Id's later which will help in running the Valorx Fusion apps. Users needs to create environments for all the new org Id's.
Users can create, edit or remove an environment.
New Environment:
  • Click New Environment and a window will open.
  • Provide the Environment Id, Environment Name, CRM and Environment Type.
  • Click Save.
New Salesforce environment needs to be added using Valorx Home or Valorx account while creating a new Connection for New Org either production or Sandbox.
Edit: Users needs to click on Edit and then, a window will open where users can edit the environment.
Remove: Users needs to click on Remove and then, they can remove the environment.
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