Valorx Fusion

Valorx Home

Valorx Home for Windows
Users have to first download the latest Valorx Fusion. Once Valorx Fusion is installed users will find the Valorx Home icon on their windows desktop. Valorx Home will help the users to manage the Valorx Excel Add-in and the subscription.
Valorx Home will provide information related to
  1. 1.
    Launching Valorx Home
  2. 2.
    Valorx Fusion Updates
  3. 3.
    Health Monitor
  4. 4.
    Administering Valorx Account
Customers and Trial Users can do this Online or by signing in to our website
A pink icon named Valorx Home
on the windows desktop will be displayed once Valorx Fusion is installed. Users can also search for Valorx Home on the windows desktop.
Click on the Valorx Home app icon to launch the app. Valorx Home page has a few sections like Valorx Updates, Version Information, Health Monitor, and Launch Excel.
Users need to look for the Sign-up or Login options which are available on the right-hand side of the page. Users can log in if they have the Login credentials or Sign Up by providing the required information if they are coming for the first time. Users can manage the Environments and Users once they Sign-up or Login.
Valorx Updates: Users can find information related to product releases and version history updates and the status if users need are up to date or if they need to update the Valorx Version. Users can even find the Version History by clicking on the hyperlink.
Click on Version History and a pop-up window of Product Versions will open which will show the history.
Version Information: Users can find which version they are using under this section. Users can find the release notes and video tutorials. Click on the hyperlink and it will direct you to the Valorx page.
Health Monitor: Users need to do a health check when they find difficulty in running Excel or an App. Click on Run Health Check which would restart the Excel and usually fixes the issues. It will even show when was the last update done. Health check will show the status of the add-in.
Launch Excel: Users can launch an Excel file by clicking on Launch Excel. Users can open Valorx Fusion by clicking on the Valorx Fusion ribbon button.