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Valorx is on a mission to create the fastest CRM experience for everyone through its products, Fusion and Wave.

Valorx is a trusted name across industries, transforming CRM experiences for teams big and small. Valorx builds simple but powerful products that enhance the software already used by millions of business professionals. With Valorx Fusion and Wave, we empower professionals to work the way they want to with the CRM they trust. Here is a brief:


Valorx Fusion

Valorx Fusion creates a 2-way connection between your Excel spreadsheets and Salesforce. This allows you to work with Salesforce data directly in your Excel spreadsheet in real-time. When you save your work, all your Salesforce records are updated to reflect the latest changes.

Valorx Fusion allows professionals to work in Excel with Salesforce data and perform high-volume data manipulation, without that data ever leaving Salesforce. This eliminates the need for exporting / moving data sets around or being entirely dependent on the Salesforce interface. Instead, professionals maintain high data hygiene and get to work the way they’re used to using Excel to manage their Salesforce data. Here is a brief:

Do you want to address data complexities that exceed your CRM’s capabilities? Please explore Fusion Documentation

Valorx Wave

Available as a browser extension, Valorx Wave is the ultimate user interface to use on the top of Salesforce. It makes the Salesforce experience easy-peasy and lightning-fast (truly faster than Lightning😉).

Valorx Wave is a productivity enhancement tool built for Salesforce end users and optimizes various operations for all Salesforce user roles. It doesn’t save data locally and guarantees Salesforce’s security and controls.

Valorx Wave enables you to work the way you want in your CRM, from updating data in seconds to leveraging the robust, familiar features of Google Sheets in your CRM to crush data management and focus on the work that grows your business.

Do you wish to have the speed and simplicity of Sheets for your CRM data management? Please refer to Wave Documentation.

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