Valorx Fusion


The Maps feature is an essential second step that users will take when creating the Valorx Fusion App. After selecting the desired objects, the next task is to determine where and how these selected items will be displayed within the App.
There are two main types of Maps available: Grid Map and Form Map. These can be created based on the specific requirements of the App. Grid Map is ideal for displaying data in a tabular format, while Form Map is used to present data in a structured form.
To begin this process, open an app in Design Studio and select Maps. This will initiate the mapping process, allowing users to set up how the selected objects will be presented and interacted with in the Valorx Fusion App.
Now Maps window will open, presenting you with the option of choosing between Grid Map and Form Map. Based on your specific needs and preferences, you can make the appropriate selection. If you require a tabular view of the data, opt for the Grid Map. On the other hand, if you prefer a more structured and organized display, go for the Form Map.

Grid Map

The Grid Map in Valorx Fusion App functions similarly to a table in Excel, making it an ideal choice for displaying extensive data sets. When dealing with large volumes of data, the Grid Map proves to be the most effective and efficient way to showcase information.
For example, in the context of Product and Pricing for Commerce Cloud, a Grid Map is employed to present all the Product records retrieved from the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. This layout allows users to easily view and analyze the product-related data in a structured and organized manner, akin to viewing data in a spreadsheet.
By using the Grid Map, users can quickly navigate through numerous records, efficiently manage product details, and gain valuable insights without feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information. Its tabular format is well-suited for handling substantial datasets and simplifies data exploration and analysis in the Valorx Fusion App.
Refer Grid Map to know more information.

Form Map

As the name suggests, Form Map is suitable perfectly for any single record. Let's say you want an App that allows the user to pick a single Account and its related Contacts. From the section above, we know a Grid Map is needed for the Contacts because there can be multiple Contacts in an Account.
Account, however, will always have only one record by design. This is where Form Map comes into rescue. It can display the Account in a form layout that is more natural for the users to navigate.
Refer Form Map to know more information.

Maps Color Settings

Settings section of the Valorx Fusion Ribbon is an essential tool for users who wants to configure their Valorx Fusion settings according to their requirements. One important area within this section relates to Maps (Grid and Form Maps), where users can access vital information about how to customize the color of maps. With these settings, users can easily tailor the visual aspects of their maps to their liking, ensuring that their data visualization is as clear as possible.
Please follow Settings under Valorx Fusion Settings to know more about the Map Settings.