Valorx Fusion
To perform an action in Valorx Fusion during runtime, a Task is executed. There are a total of 8 types of Tasks you can create.


This Task retrieves data from your CRM, and is typically used to display on the Maps that you have created in the earlier steps.


API Task can call readily available Salesforce Webservices or to perform computations or actions that are not suitable for spreadsheet to handle.


With Macro Task, you can integrate Excel automation into your Valorx Fusion Apps to speed up some of the tedious manual operations.


Dataset combines or find similar data retrieved using multiple Query Tasks.


This Task enables you to dynamically add or delete records from Grid Map.


Document Task supports saving a Valorx Fusion App as an Excel or PDF attachment onto a Salesforce record in either the Notes & Attachment or File section.

Refresh Ribbon

In Workflow and UX, you will learn more about creating ribbon buttons for Runtime Users to interact with. This Task can dynamically show or hide those buttons.


Clearing Grid Maps and Form Maps can be achieved using Clear Task. It clears the Maps on Excel without affecting the records in your CRM.
Last modified 1yr ago