Valorx Fusion

Workflow and UX

Workflow and UX screen is the place where an app designer can craft user experience of runtime of an app. This screen has two sections which are explained as follows.

Ribbon UX

This section provides the ability to visualize the ribbon when the app is opened in Runtime.
On selecting any ribbon button it also highlights related workflow from the below workflow list. User can change the icon and the size of the button. There is one button property called Default Visibility which indicates whether the button is visible at runtime or not. Hidden buttons can be made visible with Refresh Ribbon Task. Last button property is Run at App Launch which indicates the workflow associated is configured to run immediately on launching app in runtime.
App designer can also control visibility of buttons appearing in Toolbox section of ribbon at runtime. Ribbon UX component is also collapsible so if you just want to focus on Workflow List only it can be collapsed.


This section provides list of existing workflows and ability to create, edit, clone and delete workflows.
Workflow List
Each entry in this list shows Name of workflow, Ribbon Button name of workflow, Workflow Id which is used to configure workflow on Wind, number of steps in workflow and behavior which indicates whether the workflow is configured to run at app launch, whether workflow is enabled for Wind and if yes is it scheduled on Wind or not. These different behaviors can be controlled from the workflow designer while creating or editing workflow.