Valorx Fusion

Salesforce Setup

User Licensing, Access Control and Permission Sets
Salesforce setup begins when a user installs Valorx Managed Package from AppExchange. This is standard AppExchange package and Salesforce Admins should be able to install it in Sandbox or Production Orgs.
Once Valorx package is installed, Salesforce Admins can proceed to the below setup steps: 1. Assign Licenses to Users 2. Configure Valorx User Access: Design Studio or Runtime 3. Assign Permission Sets

Assign Licenses to Users

Salesforce Admins should be able to provision licenses to the users who require Valorx access. On the setup → installed packages, find the Valorx package. Against the Valorx package, click on Manage Licenses.
A window will open which will have two sections to add and remove the users.
Click Add User to add the users. The available user's list will show up now make the selection and click Add. Selected users information will be shown under Selected Users.
Here, we can find information about how many licenses are allowed and how many are assigned.
Users who have been assigned with the license can access Valorx Fusion.

Configure Valorx User Access

As a part of our managed package, we ship a field on the User object called Valorx User Access (see image below). This can control user’s access level using this picklist. There are three access levels available: Design Studio, Runtime + Express Mode and Runtime Only.
Recommended Action: Add Valorx User Access field to User layout (one-time).

Assign Permission Sets

Valorx ships with 3 standard permission sets. Admin, Design Studio, and Runtime + Express Mode.
These permission sets provide different levels of access to Valorx package components. Most end users would require Runtime + Express Mode permission set.
Assign Design Studio permission set to those who need to design and promote apps. This permission set includes everything included in Runtime + Express Mode permission set.
Admin permission set controls Valorx User Access field on the User object. Valorx User Access controls user’s access levels in the Valorx client. Admin permission set does not include Runtime or Design Studio permissions.