Getting Started with Valorx

The beginning of an epic journey...

Installing Valorx Fusion

To get Valorx Fusion running on your computer, please follow the following steps.

  1. Download the latest Valorx Fusion.

  2. Follow the instructions on the installer and install Valorx Fusion.

  3. Once the installation is completed, open Microsoft Excel, and you should see Valorx Fusion ribbon tab. This means you have successfully installed Valorx on your computer.

Design Studio is currently supported on Microsoft Windows only. Runtime users can run Valorx Fusion on other platforms. Please go to Supported Platforms to learn more.


Valorx Managed Package

Valorx Fusion can run temporary for 15 days without the Valorx managed package installed. During this period, your Apps will be hosted in Valorx infrastructure. After the managed package is installed, you can transport all your Valorx Fusion apps to your Salesforce environment.

Valorx does not keep a backup of your Apps after they have been moved.

This service is for Trial Users and Sandboxes only.

If you wish to install the Valorx managed package, please visit our Salesforce AppExchange listing.

Starting Welcome Screen

To begin using Valorx Fusion, click on the Valorx Fusion ribbon tab in Excel, and click on Start.

The welcome screen will only come up for new Valorx users to guide them through the initial process. If you have already configured your first connection, please proceed to next step.

New Salesforce Connection

On the first screen, you will be asked to connect to a Salesforce environment. Name your Connection and provide a Login URL.

Click on "Connect to Salesforce" and login with your Salesforce credential.

Login URL can be a custom URL. Simply type or copy and paste your custom URL into the Login URL section.

Valorx Registration

After the Salesforce login is successful, complete the Valorx Registration form and click on Sign Up.

The top section of the second screen will have a different message if it detects Valorx managed packages hasn't been installed.

First App and Valorx Store Apps

Your first connection is now configured, and the third screen will allow you to create a first simple Valorx Fusion App and download some Apps from the Valorx App Store.

You can always visit the Valorx App Store for more pre-built apps.