Valorx Fusion
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Toolbox is another section of our Runtime UX. Toolbox will have six elements like Inset Row(s), Clear Row(s), Delete Rows, Lookup, Customize Grids, Multiselect Picklist and Mass Modifier. Designers will found this under Workflow Ribbon UX.
Below is the image of the Design Studio as the Toolbox will not be visible on the Valorx Ribbon.
Open the app in Design Studio, and click on Workflow and UX. Designers will find Runtime UX where we will find the Toolbox.
Below is the image of the Runtime Ribbon and Designer has an option to select which button to show up on the Runtime Ribbon.
Insert Row(s) : Users will be able to insert rows from 1-10,000. Users needs to place the cursor on the designated cell where they need rows to be inserted and click on Insert Row(s) then rows will be added to the Excel. We can find a drop-down which will have 1-10 range of numbers which users can select and insert rows.
If users needs more rows, then click on Custom Rows then, an Insert Row(s) window will pop up enter the number of rows required under ADD NUMBER and click OK.
Clear Row(s) : As the name tag says users will use this to clear the rows. This will only clear the data from the rows but not clear any data from our database. Select the rows which needs to be cleared and click on Clear Row(s).
Delete Row(s) : User will use this to delete the rows. Delete rows will delete the data from the Excel as well as from the database. Select the rows which needs to be deleted and click on Delete Row(s).
Customize Grid : Designer can customize the grid of the Excel sheet. Select a Map and click on Edit. Click on Display Options and check in the option "Allow adding dynamic columns (runtime mode).
Now, Users can find the option of Customize Grid on the Runtime Valorx Ribbon.
Multiselect Picklist : This option needs to be configured from Design Studio to display on our Runtime. Configure the details those needs picklist from Data Modelling and Maps.
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