Valorx Fusion

App Settings

App Settings are those which Designers will set for the App. These settings are only for the apps that you create. App Settings will have four categories like Information, Settings, Security and Messaging and Reporting.
Information : This setting will provide the information related to the App. This will have two categories like General and App History.
General information will have the App Name, Unique Id and CRM Id.
App History will contain the information of history like the App Version, name of the Creator, date when the app was created, name who modified the app and the date when the app is modified.
Settings : This App Setting will have two categories like App Behavior and App Performance. App Behavior will have five check-in through which Designer can set how an app should behave or run in Runtime.
Below are the five check-in points in App Behavior which Designer can enable and decide how an app should behave in Runtime.
  • Prevent Local Save - This will prevent the app from saving it offline. By enabling this option Designers will find that the option to "Show dialog for unsaved changes when closing Runtime file" as disabled.
  • Show dialog for unsaved changes when closing Runtime file - By enabling this checkbox Designer can easily recognize when they close the app without saving it.
  • Prevent Print - This will prevent the app from print and this option will be disabled for offline mode.
  • Enable Offline Mode - Users will be able to open an app even when they are offline by enabling this option. Designers should save the Runtime App. Once , the app is saved they can open the app on the local desktop.
  • Enable Macro support for office in Mac
Below are the two check-in through which Designers can determine how the app should perform in Runtime.
  • Apply Field format in Design Studio - This setting will help the Designer in case of any field formats applied in Microsoft Excel to be applied in Google sheets by enabling this setting. This setting will also improve the app opening experience in Runtime.
  • Remove Data Validation message in Google Sheets - This setting is designed for Google sheets as the Excel will have two types of data validation messages however, Google Sheets will have will merge the two validation messages from Excel and have one message. By enabling this option validation messages will not pop up in Google sheets.
Security : This setting will allow the Designer to provide the password and protect their worksheet. Designer can decide if the sheet will be password protect only in Design Studio or in Runtime. If Designer decides to protect the sheet in Runtime mode then, Users can only view the information.
Below is the image when the sheet is not protected.
Worksheets needs to be protected in Design Studio from Maps.
  • In Design Studio, select Maps, hover over Display Options, select Security.
  • Edit Map which needs to be protected, and check in "Secure worksheet based on field metadata".
  • Provide the Password, and if the sheet needs to be protected in Runtime or Design + Runtime.
  • User can also select the protection features available under "Allow all users of the worksheet to".
  • Click OK.
Below image shows when the sheet is protected. Designers can make changes to the password and also change the access level to users by just unchecking or checking the "allow all users of the worksheet to". Below image shows 2 Maps on the worksheet, we have provided password for only one map on the worksheet. Password will be applied to both the Maps but FLS settings will apply only to that Map for which Designer will select.
Messaging and Reporting : Designers through this setting will decide at what time or at which level a message should be displayed on the screen.
Below are the five check-ins for Messaging and Reporting.
  • Inform user when Query found no records
  • Inform user when Query was not attempted as Dependent Query found no records
  • Group CRM messages and display once workflow completes
  • Include success CRM messages in the CRM Audit Log
  • Inform user when Save task found no record to push to CRM