Valorx Fusion
Valorx Fusion Settings
Valorx Fusion Settings are those which users will set for the Valorx Fusion but not for the apps. Valorx Fusion Settings will have three settings.
Information : This setting will provide the complete User information like Full Name, User Email, User Name, User id, Licence Type, Organization Name, Organization id.
Settings : User will find the information related to Maps, Active CRM and Valorx Support.
  • Maps : User can find the information related to Map Color Settings where they can reset the color of the Map or reset it to default color. Pointer text in formula row of Map is another section where users can either hide or show the text in the formula row. Designers can allow users to add dynamic columns in runtime by checking in the checkbox.
  • Active CRM : This is another section which allows Designers to find the information whether they are connected to Salesforce, Microsoft Office 365 and Service Now.
  • Valorx Support : This setting will need a password. Please connect with your Valorx Administrator to white-label the mentioned Org Id. Valorx Administrators can white-label the Org Id(s) by logging into their Valorx account over the Valorx website or by using the Valorx Home application (It can be found on the Desktop).
Logs : Logs are those where users can find the activity logs for both Design Studio and Runtime. Refer Logs for more information.
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