Sep 22 Release (V1)

New Product

Announcing Valorx Wave – Sep 22 Release (V1)

Valorx Wave is excited to announce the first release note in which we have fixed the issues to give you all a better experience.

Bug Fixes

  • Lookup window flickers for filter and tab navigation when it is in expanded mode.

  • Deleted views are shown in the Recent views with blank names.

  • Upload button changes its position while scrolling in attachments.

  • Error messages are displayed when we refresh the page.

  • The Duplicate button is not working in the filter.

  • The Header sort is not working properly.

  • Account description is not showing properly in extended view.

  • Field picker remains open after changing the view of the current object.

  • Clone and Insert record is not functioning after performing a search with the specific record or by header sort.

  • Change History does not disappear if newly added records are deleted before saving.

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