Apr 23 Release (V11)

Announcing Valorx Wave – Apr 23 Release (V11)

Valorx Wave is pleased to announce the April release note which has a noticeably better user experience to provide you with a better product experience.

In this release, we have new features and made enhancements with the intention of facilitating the user experience by fixing a few issues.

New Features:


Floaty has been revamped and added new components or tasks to the main menu of our Floaty. Floaty will have three different views Default View floaty, Record Page Floaty, and List page floaty. Default View: Default Floaty is something that is common for everyone. When a User is on the Home page of Salesforce this default floaty will appear. This floaty contains the majorly used objects which are Accounts, Opportunities, Leads, and Contacts. These records will open directly in Wave with a single click. Default floaty will have sections like Schedule a meeting, Add new task, and Add notes. This will show the Recent views.

Record Page Floaty: Record Page Floaty will open when user opens a Record and clicks on Floaty from Salesforce. This will have a different view compared to our Default Floaty. Users can directly go to Color bar conditions by clicking on the hyperlink provided on the top of the Floaty. Schedule a meeting, Add new task, and Add notes will remain the same allowing users to perform tasks on a single click.

Users can directly open the object by simply clicking on the Object. Mass Modifier will open directly for that record in the wave when we click on the hyperlink. Record Page Floaty will have the Favorite Views.

Related List Page Floaty: Related List Page Floaty will show up when users open a record and click on Floaty menu. This will allow users to create custom page layouts by simply clicking on the Page layout hyperlink on the top. Apart from Schedule a meeting, Add new task, and Add notes this will have another option to Add page layout, and all these happen on a single click which will redirect to Wave. A related list window will open in Wave by clicking on the related list. Users also have the option to open the related list from the drop-down. The next section will show the Custom Page Layout which will have the information of the last edited time and record name.

Users who need to access video content, clicking on the video option will open the video directly. Finally, the "Data Import" option will behave as it currently does with the current floaty, allowing users to easily import data into the platform and this remains same for all the types of Floaty.

Notes Board:

Notes Board is a new feature added to the Header Toolbox. This will help the Users to add any notes and it works like a notepad or a clipboard allowing users to quickly capture and organize information. Notes board is accessible from various locations. Users can access them from the Header Toolbox, Activities, and Floaty. This provides a central location for users to access their notes at any time, regardless of where they were created or saved. Users can easily add notes to any text field and this feature also allows them to duplicate, copy and delete the notes.

Below are the images from where we can find the Notes Board. All the options work the same and they will show the notes added using any of the option.


Layout is one of the new features introduced for the related list record page. Users will be able to add fields to a related list custom view for any record page. Layouts are designed to provide users with a clear and easy-to-use interface for managing and viewing records. Customizing page layouts and record types, Users can ensure that they have access to the information they need in a logical and organized manner. Here, we have provided two options from where Layout can be created. Users can do this by opening a related list either from Wave or from Floaty. Click on Edit Layout from Wave and the related list opens.

  • Click "Expand the Record Details" from Wave or Click on "Page Layout" or "Add Page Layout" from Floaty.

  • Click Expand Layout.

  • A Master layout will open which will have the Layout properties from which we can select our desired property either it can be a duplicate or a new layout. The new Layout will have a blank page and Users need to select the Elements from the bottom left. This will have the option to select the Fields, Design Elements, and Related List.

  • Click "Add Elements" in case the layout needs to be edited and add the elements as per the requirement.

  • Provide the name of the layout and description in "Layout Name" and "Layout Description"

  • Click Save.

  • Click OK.

  • Click "new Layout" from Layout Properties.

  • Select the elements from "Add Elements". Drag and drop the Fields.

  • Select "Label", "Section" or "Seperator" from Design Elements.

  • Select the Related List.

  • Provide the name of the layout and description in "Layout Name" and "Layout Description."

  • Click Save.

  • Click OK.


Grouping is further now enhanced, and a new Grouping navigator helper has been introduced which will open once users click on Group on the toolbar. This navigator has the option to expand and collapse the group buttons. This will close only when the user removes the grouping.

  • Click on Group from the Header and a grouping navigator will open.

  • Grouping will now show the 20 records and it will load more records when we click on More.

  • An Empty column has been added which will show the empty values.

  • Grouping Picklist values will now show the same order as Salesforce values.

  • A footer row will show when there are number values.

Related list has been enhanced which will now allow the users to edit or view the record page. When the Related list is configured, it will show the list and when the related list is not configured it will show the objects as per the Salesforce configuration. Users has two option to open the related list one is from the record object and the other is from Record page Floaty. The toolbar on the related objects has grid options such as search, advanced search, filters, condition bar, sorting, mass modifier, delete, refresh, grouping, and layout, which appear when the user clicks on the related object name on the same page.

  • Open a related list record page from a custom view. Add one Related list if you do not have it added by clicking on "Add" from the bottom left.

  • Users can perform all the Header Toolbox activities for that particular object.

Related List has been enhanced by adding a toast message when related lists are removed. It is further improved by ensuring that all the selected related lists are labeled appropriately. By adding the object name at the top of the selected related lists, users can quickly identify the related lists.

Pin Wave Extension

Pin Wave Extension to the browser is a new feature that has been introduced in v11 for our first-time users. When using a wave extension for the first time, it can be helpful to know how to pin the extension to your browser for easy access in the future. By pinning the extension, you can quickly access it without having to search for it every time you need to use it.

  • Once the installation is completed for Wave go to extensions on the toolbar menu.

  • Click on Pin beside Valorx Wave.

  • Click "I have pinned" for confirmation.


  • Header drop-down Column Grouping UI has been further enhanced which will now have an option to select the desired grouping color and expand the icon.

  • Activities history section and activity create section has been enhanced and it will now have a much better UI to create activities and more filtering options to filter activities.

  • Field Level permissions have been enhanced which will now allow the user to set the value of a particular field which is allowed to create but not allowed to update while creating a new record.

  • V11 will now show a tooltip for every button in our Wave App.

Bug Fixes

  • An error occurs when all the records are selected, and copy option does not work.

  • Confirmation message dialog does not display properly when the session expires.

  • Save Summary shows the API name instead of the field name which is now fixed.

  • Related list detailed lookup opens behind the record page when it is opened.

  • A new field could not be added after removing the field from the column grouping and the spinner spins continuously when the page is refreshed.

  • Mass modifier is not functioning properly, and it considers the footer row as a record.

  • Enabling grouping hides the records after applying the Mass Modifier.

  • Field picker does not close, and it closes only when it is closed through the Cancel button.

  • Footer row displays incorrect results when the Average function is selected.

  • Recent views do not show the shared views and they are not highlighted.

  • When a filter is applied on the blank values of the Date/Date Time datatype the grid becomes empty.

  • Extension main menu shows the β€œAdd Org” even without signing in.

  • Global Search does not show the results from all records instead it shows results from 200 records.

  • Save Records does not highlight the records when an error occurs which is now fixed.

  • Fixed the issue with Filter where the text box gets enlarged and the delete button moves vertically when a Filter is added.

  • Field Picker closed only with the Close button which is now fixed.

  • Misplacement of Data Import in View Selector has been fixed.

  • Users who are accessing the Wave for the first time were able to edit the records in read-only mode.

Known Issues

  • Column field is not displaying the data properly when user attempts to modify or change the record.

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