Apr 23 Release (V12)-Hotfix

Announcing Valorx Wave – Apr 23 Release (V12)-Hotfix

Valorx Wave is pleased to announce the April Hotfix release note which has a noticeably better user experience to provide you with a better product experience.

In this release, we have made enhancements with the intention of facilitating the user experience by fixing a few issues.



  • Row Grouping has been enhanced with a new configuration called "Max Row Groups per View" in the Settings menu. This configuration will provide users with the flexibility to specify the maximum number of row groups to be displayed when applying grouping in a range between 5 to 50. By setting this limit, users can effectively manage the number of groups visible in their view, ensuring a more focused presentation of data.

  • Row Grouping will now display the active value groups ensuring that the grouped results focus exclusively on the currently active values, providing users with a more concise and relevant view of the data.

  • Picklist values in Row Grouping will now be based on the order of the predefined values in Salesforce. By aligning the grouping with the existing order of values in Salesforce, users can easily locate and navigate through the groups, creating a more intuitive and seamless experience.


A custom layout has been created which will allow the users to create unique and visually appealing layouts. Users can design and customize the appearance of their record layouts. This will have different fields where users can provide the name and add fields to the record page.


The activities form has been enhanced and implemented a few design changes to the form.

Hot Fixes

  • Encountered an issue while navigating the License section of Settings where it does not display the current Username which is now fixed.

  • The Activity Save button fails to function properly once a required field error arises.

  • The order of the activity list shuffled after adding a new activity or editing an existing one.

  • Notes are not getting auto saved when it is in edit mode and clicked outside of the Notes Board.

  • Rapidly changing the views causes the row grouping to remain enabled even in a non-grouping view.

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