May 23 Release (V15)

Announcing Valorx Wave – May 23 Release (V15)

Valorx Wave is pleased to announce the May release note which has a noticeably better user experience. In this release, we have a new feature with the intention of improving the Sign In user experience and fixing a few issues.

New Features:

In this release, we have made significant improvements to our OAuth flow and introduced a new Sign In screen. Upon installing the extension, users will be automatically directed to the new Sign In screen.

The Sign In screen acts as a centralized platform for all login-related activities, offering users a convenient way to connect with Salesforce, Login with Wave, connect to a new organization, and sign up, all within a single interface.

After reaching the Sign In screen, users can choose how they want to proceed with the login process. Depending on their selection, if they choose to Continue with Salesforce, they will be redirected to the Salesforce Authentication using the Connected App.

To facilitate user to login via a Sandbox org, the user can check the environment as Sandbox and then click on Continue with Salesforce and then will be redirected to the URL or they will be redirected to the URL by default.

Once the user has been redirected to the Salesforce Authentication and they have entered their username and password or Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) credentials if required, they will proceed to the next stage of the login process. To successfully complete the sign in process the user needs to Allow the necessary permissions.

Sign In screen will be visible to users only when their Salesforce session expires.

These updates aim to streamline the login experience for users and provide more flexibility in accessing Wave. By eliminating the need for constant browser session logins, users can seamlessly establish a connection to Wave, enhancing their overall user experience.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • The Save Summary feature was displaying an incorrect error message related to row numbers when users attempt to save changes to related fields. We have implemented a fix that ensures the error message displayed in the Save Summary now accurately reflects the row numbers associated with any issues encountered when saving changes to related fields.

  • The Record Change dialog for related fields. Users were experiencing inaccuracies in the displayed row indexes, which affected the ability to identify the correct rows impacted by changes. Provided a fix that ensures the displayed row indexes in the Record Change dialog now reflect the actual row numbers accurately.

  • The size of the Detail lookup page in the Related list where users were experiencing an excessively large display of the Detail lookup page, causing inconvenience, and impacting the user experience.

  • The row indexes are not updated after using the 'Revert all' option to undo changes. When users make modifications to the data and then utilize the 'Revert all' option to undo those changes.

  • The option for "Save Changes “would disappear as soon as the user clicked anywhere else on the screen when users would delete a newly created or cloned record using the delete option in the context menu. The fix ensures that the "Save Changes" option remains visible even after users click elsewhere on the screen following the deletion of a newly created or cloned record using the context menu.

  • "Pin the Wave Extension" popup continues to appear on the Sign In screen, even after the Wave extension has been successfully pinned. Provided a fix and "Pin the Wave Extension" popup no longer appears on the Sign In screen once it is pinned to Wave extension.

  • We have actively worked on resolving the issue where the Filter, Condition, Sort & Mass Modifier overlay is not staying within the designated area of the Wave Main page and fixed this issue by ensuring that the overlay remains properly within the designated area of the Wave Main page. By fixing this problem, we aim to provide users with a consistent and visually cohesive experience when utilizing the Filter, Condition, Sort & Mass Modifier functionality.

  • Identified and successfully resolved the issue related to the delay in updating the parent record name in the related list this has been resolved.

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