Jun 23 Release (V17)

Introducing Valorx Wave – June 23 Release (V17)

This release brings a host of improvements, including new features and enhancements that address various issues, all aimed at streamlining the user experience for optimal performance.

New Features

Valorx Wave's latest release introduces two significant features: a Dashboard and a Profile Card.

Dashboard: It is designed to provide users with comprehensive information on objects, views, insights, and activities. The dynamic dashboard gathers all important data in one place, providing smooth navigation with a simple click.

What's Included in Our Dashboard? 🤔

  1. Select an Object: The Dashboard in Valorx Wave provides users with a convenient way to view and search for specific objects. For first-time users, it initially displays the seven common objects and their Salesforce views. Users can either click "Let's Go" or use the search function to find the desired object.

    For returning users it provides a list of custom views and recently accessed views, making it easier for users to quickly access the frequently used items. Additionally, clicking "Let's Go" takes the user to the last visited view, ensuring a seamless and intuitive experience, and enhancing navigation within Valorx Wave for smooth and efficient usage.

  2. Create a New View: This feature mirrors the "Create new view" option available on our Grid. Users can effortlessly create custom views from the Dashboard with just a single click.

  3. User Insights: The insight section will cater to users with different account types such as admin & standard user and know their current record usage.

  4. Activities: The Dashboard now provides users with a convenient way to access and monitor Today & Overdue activities. This feature ensures users would always know their today and past activities. Navigating to a specific activity is made effortless as users can simply click on their desired activity directly from the dashboard.

Profile Card

The new Profile Card is a key feature that presents users with a concise and informative display of their profile information. With the integration of Settings, users now have easy access to options like Upgrade and Logout. It's all about making account management simpler and more efficient!


Custom Record Loading: We've improved the user experience! Now, when users click on the "Load More" option in the footer section, they have the flexibility to choose how many records they want to load: 200, 400, 1000, or all records.

Simply selecting one of these options will load the corresponding number of additional records. For those who have specific requirements, clicking on the "Custom" button allows them to enter a custom value for loading records.

When users click on "All Records," it displays a message saying, "Please be patient while records are loaded," ensuring they stay informed during the process. It's all about giving users more control and a smoother experience!

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • The issue with the lack of support for operators in filters within standard views has been resolved.

  • Previously, encountering errors in Wave due to dynamic date literals in the standard Salesforce view is now fixed.

  • Users can now view their favorite views correctly without encountering the loading problem.

  • With the recent update, newly registered users can now effortlessly access the start and end dates of their billing cycle.

  • Fixed the settings screen, it accurately displays the license number.

  • The issue when users did not find any results when they searched about an activity, is resolved.

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