Sep 22 Release (V2)

Announcing Valorx Wave โ€“ Sep 22 Release (V2)

Valorx Wave is excited to announce the second release note in which we have a new feature and fixed few issues to give you all a better product experience.

New Feature

Related list: This is a feature introduced in wave. Related list will display all the child objects related to the parent object. Users can apply all the features to the related list and save those changes to the list. Users will find the Related list only for custom views.

  • Hover over the Add button shown on the left side to the bottom of the page.

  • Related list will open up now, select the object and click OK.

  • An icon will display beside the object, and the icon varies for every object.

  • Click on the icon displayed beside the fields to open a record for that object. A window will open up where users can apply all the filters.

Bug Fixes

  • Text area field does not fit the column or rows when Auto size columns - layout is applied.

  • Reordered columns go back to their old positions as it fails to remember the column position while adding/removing and opening/closing the header filter.

  • Latency issue while accessing the same object whose view is already opened.

  • "No Records to display" fails to show when there are no search results found for any specific search.

  • Shared view fails to load all the fields for that view.

  • Data in the grid does not appear properly when using the Home & End key on the keyboard.

  • Image preview is not working as expected in Attachments.

  • Filter does not work when an error occurs regarding the use of Advanced Filters.

  • Multiselect picklist UI fixes.

  • Conditional count indicator is not showing properly.

  • Inserting a new record opens an โ€œActivity iconโ€.

  • Incorrect date is showing instead of the selected date.

  • Filter is not working with the Duplicate button.

  • Lookup button shows the number of changes twice in the โ€œRecord Change Dialogโ€.

  • Data applies to the next line when copying and pasting the data in text area field.

  • The 'Preview changes' dialog not functioning properly on the Record Page.

  • Automatic sign up for new user fails when they login after the admin.

  • Refresh button is not working in Related list view.

  • Undo is not reverting the changes in the Change view dialog.

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