Sept 23 Release (V21)

About the September Release

The September 2023 release includes the enhancements and bug fixes below for a finer user experience.

1. Enhancements in the Grid View screen

2. Enhancements in the Report Mapping Function

3. Enhancements in the Settings screen

Enhancements Details

1. Enhancements in the Grid View screen

Considering the user's ease, we have made three enhancements to the Grid View screen.

  1. We have released a new feature: Double Click the Drag Icon to copy records in the column cells. This feature makes copying record values in Valorx Wave as swift as Excel and Google spreadsheets.

When the user clicks on any cell, the Drag icon appears.

The user can double click the Drag icon to copy the record values in the column cells.

  • If all column cells are empty, the record value of the selected cell will be copied to them.

  • If values exist in a few cells, the Fill Option message will appear, as shown in the image below. The user can choose the fill options as per requirements.

This feature will not be available to the Boolean fields (The fields with the checkbox or tick mark).

  1. There are two enhancements in the View Selection drop-down list.

  1. The four sections (My Views, Shared Views, Salesforce Views, and Report Views) in the View Selection drop-down list are collapsible now. This will give the user more organized eyeshot of their Views.

  2. The Create new view text link is replaced with the Create new view icon and placed at the top right in the drop-down list.

  1. Now the user can choose how many records they want to load in a single scroll.

When the user hovers over Record Counts on the bottom left side of the screen, it will expand and show the count options. The user can select any option or click on the Edit icon to enter any desired number.

2. Enhancement in the Report Mapping Feature

If any changes are made to the Salesforce Report after mapping it with Valorx Wave Mapped Report View, the Update your Salesforce Report Mapping message will appear when the user opens the Mapped Report View.

3. Enhancements in the Settings screen

The Advanced section in the Settings is redesigned.

Bug Fixes

  • The payment workflow works accurately.

  • Wave usage logs are captured consistently.

  • User deactivation works properly.

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