Nov 23 Release (V24)

📢 Announcing the November Release

Valorx Wave is ready once again to elevate your efficiency and productivity within the Salesforce environment. This release encompasses essential upgrades and bug fixes, along with a fascinating new feature.

✨ What's New?

Share View

The all-new Wave comes with the Share View feature which enables the users to share the Standard Views, Custom Views and Mapped Report Views with their fellow team members.

Users can assign desired view rights to the shared view members such as Can view / Can edit. It also gives the provision to stop sharing any view whenever required, and to remove the access of the shared view from any particular user(s).

  • The Share view can be accessed by clicking the Share icon on the Wave Ribbon after opening the specific view that the user intends to share.

Click the Share icon on the Wave Ribbon.

The Manage View pop-up will open. Here the user can change the View Details such as View Name and Description if required.

Select the appropriate view rights - Can edit / Can view, to be assigned to the member(s).

User can enter the name or email of the colleague(s) that one wishes to share the view with.

  • The user can see the share details by again clicking the Share icon after sharing the view. One can anytime stop sharing the view using the 'Stop Sharing' button or remove the access of the shared view from any particular user(s) by clicking the 'Delete icon' near any user's name.

  • All the members receive an email notification stating the details of the view shared with them and the link to open it. The shared users can also access the shared view from the Shared Views section on the Left Panel in Wave.

➕ Enhanced UI / UX Design

  1. There are now more capabilities available in the Add button on the Grid View screen.

Users can now perform multiple functions using the Add button. It facilitates entering a single record (new row) in the Grid, Adding Related List(s), and also adding new Object Fields in the view.

  1. The Column Header Actions drop-down UI has been redesigned.

The drop-down is also shown as highlighted with purple color after performing any column level filters for easier visualization.

  1. Filter in Team Members section of Settings now also provide the option to view Deactivated users.

  1. There's a new appearance for the Search Object bar.

Clicking the Search Object bar shows five objects that have been recently searched.

The interface while searching for any particular object also appears in a fresh look.

  1. The Mapped Report View summary floaty has been beautified.

  1. The Valorx Wave logo has been given a fresh coat of paint, and there's a new shade to its appearance. It also reflects in the Valorx Wave Favicon.

🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Attachments added with grid records can be properly accessed after refreshing the screen.

  • All Standard salesforce users can now access Wave.

  • The challenge with selecting the date in the filter condition has been fixed.

  • Filters applied in the Salesforce reports are now accurately reflected in their corresponding Wave Mapped Report View.

  • Related List Object gets successfully removed from the Grid View screen after removing the Related List.

  • The functioning of the summary floaty in the Group feature has been improved.

  • The notification to disable the 'Block third-party cookies' option in the browser settings while using Salesforce now opens accurately after logging out from Wave.

  • The count of total licenses available to the user, shown in the General section of Settings, is now updated immediately after purchasing new licenses.

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