Dec 23 Release (V25)

📢 Announcing the January Release

The latest release brings in a big makeover for the Wave Dashboard interface 🎉. It includes critical enhancements and a sprinkle of bug fixes, making it a polished and refined user experience.

Enhanced UI / UX Design

Home (Dashboard)

The Wave Dashboard has undergone a significant redesign, coming with a completely fresh look and feel. It is now called as Home. It is as shown in the image below:

  1. Left Panel: The Left Panel showcases menus such as Home, Views, Reports, Import, Invite, and Feedback.

  2. Views Selection:

Utilizing this, users can select the desired Salesforce Object and access a comprehensive list of all the Salesforce Views and Custom Views associated with that Object. Recent Views section shows the views that are opened recently by the user. In case of a new user, it will show the views that the user has opened recently in Salesforce.

They can select their preferred View, opening it in the Wave Grid View screen. Additionally, users have the capability to create a new View directly from this section.

  1. Feature Spotlight: This section on the bottom of the home screen offers a brief overview and allows instant access for utilizing Smart Import, Editable Salesforce Reports, and Inviting the team members to Wave.

  2. The Home screen also presents a concise video clip offering insights into the essential features in Wave and how it can boost their productivity.


Views in the Left Panel displays the Salesforce Object Views in a spreadsheet-like format.

The Views screen also gets open when users click on any Object's Standard or Custom View from Home or any Mapped Report View from Reports.

Users can click the 'open sidebar' button on the Views screen to open the sidebar.

The sidebar displays favorite views, recent views, and shared views.


The Reports section enables the users to see the list of all Salesforce Reports and map the desired Reports with Valorx Wave to see them in the Wave Grid View screen.

  • The top section of the Reports screen shows the list of the Salesforce reports of the user, along with reports that are already mapped.

  • A brief video illustrates how to edit Salesforce reports using Wave.

  • Insights shows key highlights such as the number of reports mapped.


Wave currently only supports mapping 'Single Object Tabular Salesforce Reports'.


The Smart Import feature facilitates importing records from Excel sheets, map them to their respective fields, and save them in Salesforce.

  • Recent Imports shows the import operations recently performed, along with the details related to the Object names and number of records imported.

  • A brief video illustrates how to use Smart Import.

  • Insights section presents key highlights regarding Import operations such as the total number of records updated along with the average number of records updated per file, and also the information about the most preferred Object for import.


Users can now directly extend invitations to their team members on Wave using Invite in Left Panel.

Clicking Invite opens the pop-up screen for inviting colleagues to Valorx Wave.


This enables users to submit feedback and rate the product as per their experience. It redirects the user to the Feedback tab in Settings.

Report Views

We have recently implemented significant improvements to the Report mapping logic in Wave, aimed at enhancing its overall efficiency and performance. To ensure that the users can take full advantage of these enhancements, they will be asked to 'Sync with Report' at the time of opening any report that has been already mapped.

🔧 Bug Fixes

  • The issue of users encountering an error when attempting to map Salesforce reports that include certain relative date literals in filters has been resolved. Wave now allows the mapping of even those reports that contain relative date literals unsupported by Wave Filters. Users will receive a notification about the specific date literals that were not mapped during the process.

  • When users import records into Wave and select the "After successful Import Save as Wave View" checkbox, a View containing the imported records now gets successfully created.

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