Feb 24 Release (V27)

📢 Announcing the February Release

In our latest release, we've introduced a fresh Export Data feature, enabling users to effortlessly share the information stored in different Object Views with others. Moreover, it encompasses important design enhancements concerning the Add New View / Field Selection function, Date Selection, and Views screen footer design, alongside addressing several critical bug fixes.

What's New?

Export Data

This time, Wave came up with an amazing Export Data feature that would enable the users to download the data of any of their desired Object Views in either Excel or CSV file formats and share it with others.

To export the data of any View, users need to select the Export Data option from More Options in the Toolbar.

The Export Data window will open. Here, the users can:

  1. Provide a file name.

  2. Select the required export file format: Excel or CSV.

  3. Make a selection between: Visible Records (records displayed on the View) or All Records (This will download all the records available in the View).

  4. Click Export.

Note: The option for exporting 'All Records' will not be available in the View where the Grouping function has been applied.

Enhanced UI / UX Design

Date Selection

Introducing our revamped Date Picker interface! Experience an efficient way of navigating dates with the sleek new look.

Add New View

The Add New View feature has undergone a redesign to streamline the process. Now, the users can input the View Name and Description alongside selecting fields, all on one screen. The sub-field selection screen has also undergone a makeover.

The Add Fields function on the Views screen has also been redesigned on similar lines to the Add New View design.

Starting with this release, the Footer Row will be permanently visible on the Views screen. Previously, users were required to select the 'Show footer row' option from the More Options button in the Toolbar to display the Footer row.

🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Wave now accurately remembers the recently opened view of a particular Object at the time of switching back to that Object after selecting any other Object from the Object Bar. This is also taken care of when reselecting the same object.

  • The issue where the users were unable to sync a report having the same name as that of an existing Custom View has been resolved. Now, Wave will automatically rename the report with an incremental number (e.g., 'Top Opportunities 2') when mapping it if there is an existing Custom View with the same name.

  • The Issues encountered while using Filter with fields having the 'Datetime' data type have been fixed.

  • From now on, Wave enables the utilization of the 'User' object through the creation of a Custom View.

  • The issue of the Save button not functioning properly on the Record Details Page has been solved.

  • The problem regarding saving changes after employing the AutoFill function in a View with applied Grouping has been resolved.

  • The Filter feature now functions correctly with the 'between' condition in a Standard View.


  • Moving forward, the Activities button on the right side of the Wave Ribbon will remain hidden by default. If required, the users can enable it by checking the Show Activities checkbox from the Advanced tab in Settings.

  • The feature enabling users to designate any view as a favorite or remove it from favorites using the 'Star icon' in the Views selection drop-down has been discontinued with this release.

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