Sep 22 Release (V4)

Announcing Wave – Sep 22 Release (V4)

Valorx Wave is excited to announce the fourth release note in which we have an enhancement and fixed a few issues to give you all a better product experience.


  • Floating plus button to add more fields when there are more columns in the view.

Bug Fixes

  • Latency in opening the β€œRecord change dialog” after changing the maximum number of records.

  • Fields removed from the view are still visible in the Record List Toolbox.

  • Lookup values are not cloned after cloning records.

  • "Related List View" is not closing after changing the view.

  • Message does not populate after the custom view creation limit is exceeded.

  • In conditional formatting, conditions applied in one view appear in another view.

  • If the user is logged out from Extension Main Menu, it still shows logged in at the bottom left corner.

  • Duplicate button in View selector is not working.

  • In Data Import, when an invalid file is uploaded show a proper message to the user.

  • Column positions are not remembered when adding or removing new fields to the view.

  • Pending changes indicator does not disappear after reverting some changes.

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