Oct 22 Release (V5)

Announcing Valorx Wave – Oct 22 Release (V5) Valorx Wave is excited to announce the fifth release note in which we have an enhancement and fixed a few issues to give you all a better product experience.


Column Freezing

We have introduced a new provision of Column Freezing where users will now be able to freeze columns to left, and right of the grid.

  • Freeze columns are available under the Header drop-down menu of each column.

  • Select any one of the three options (Freeze Left, Freeze Right, or No Freeze).

Users can now add a footer row to the current view.

  • Hover over "Add" row button and then click Show Footer Row.

  • Now, users can find the sum of columns with the datatype of Integer, Double, Long, and Currency. In this image, we have an amount column for which we are showing the sum of the amount.

Bug Fixes

  • Users cannot use favorite view actions while the sidebar of the record list page is unpinned.

  • An error occurs while resizing the columns in Salesforce View.

  • Values disappear while using β€œIn” or β€œNot In” operators in Filter.

  • Related List view is not removed after clicking on the cross icon.

  • Filter condition disappears after closing the Filter.

  • Lookup values are incorrectly updated in a new record when values are dragged from other records.

  • Incorrect record count shows after searching with a specific key.

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