Nov 22 Release (V6)

Announcing Valorx Wave – Nov 22 Release (V6)

Valorx Wave is excited to announce the sixth release note in which we have an enhancement and fixed a few issues to give you all a better product experience.

New Features

Grouping for Picklist

Grouping for picklist is one of the new features which we have introduced in Valorx Wave V6. Users will now be able to group the displayed rows for the picklist. This feature will fetch new group data from Salesforce which are not already rendered in the grid.

  • Click on Group from the header now, users will be able to view all the picklist views.

  • Click on the data type which needs to be grouped. This will display all the records of the grid for the picklist.

  • Click on Load more records to view more data.

Header for Picklist

Header menu will have a primary and secondary dropdown menu with filtering options, setting color bar, etc. Users can now add or remove the conditional formatting to the selected columns. Every picklist will have a different color, and this can be changed by the User as per the requirements.

  • Click on the Header and a picklist will open and at the bottom we can find the Color bar. Click on the Settings which will open Color Bar for Account Type.

  • Click on Color to change the color for any record type.

  • Click on No Fill in case no color is required.

  • Click Ok.


Footer row is now further enhanced which will now show the aggregations of numeric values in the footer row of the grid when they are pinned. This will now support different functions like Sum, Average, Min, and Max.

Connect to an Org from Extension Menu

Users will now be able to log in to Salesforce from the Wave extension menu. Click on Connect an Org and this will give the option to select the Login Environments where we can select Production or Sandbox. Once we click Ok provide the Salesforce Login credentials and after successful authentication user will be able to access Wave from Extension main menu.

Bug Fixes

  • Footer row count does not change while adding or deleting the values from the record using the Mass Modifier.

  • Deleting the record does not change the count on the Footer row.

  • Settings screen opens as many times as the settings button is clicked when the sidebar of the record list page is not pinned.

  • Grid is not accessible when the text area is frozen and resized with a double click.

  • Adding a new column and refreshing the page automatically unfreezes a frozen column.

  • Sort automatically creates a duplicate condition in the filter when a new column is added.

  • Pinned related list view disappears after refresh.

  • Create an Account and Login button is not visible in floaty when the Wave session expires.

  • Horizontal scroll bar appears on the connection screen of the extension’s main menu.

  • Filter condition is duplicated automatically once we perform Sort.

  • Toolbox sort is not working when the user tries to sort in the Related list.

  • Error occurs while searching the record using Global Search.

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