📱App Store Submission

Designers, Users or Customers can submit their Apps once approved and will be published to the Valorx App Store once reviewed and approved by our Valorx Team.

Follow the below steps to submit an app to Valorx App Store.

Open an Excel, click on Start and now select App Admin from Valorx Fusion Ribbon.

Select App Admin from the connections list which will open Administration page.

Select Valorx App Store from Configurations and on the right hand users will find "Manage your Valorx App listing".

Designers now need to fill the details of the app before submitting the app.

  • Designers can Read, Write or Edit the name of the app from App Name.

  • Designers should define under which version the app will fall and provide the details under Version.

  • It's time to decide whether the app is available at no cost or Users need to pay. Click Pricing drop down and select "Free" or "Paid".

Click on App Category and a pop up with list of categories will open select from the list and click OK.

Now, Designers need to describe about the app. Click Add Description and add the notes and click OK.

Click on Required Dependencies and add the dependencies and click OK.

Designers should add Images or Video Links by clicking on Browse.

Click on Submit to Valorx App Store once done with filling the details.

Valorx Team will review the app submitted to the Valorx App Store and publish the app to the store.

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