đŸ’ĢInstalling App

Valorx App Store will provide us with already designed Apps which are available for Designers. Designers can use these templates which will make the work easy as they are already built apps. Designers can make changes to the app as per their requirement.

Designers will find Valorx App Store on the Valorx Fusion Ribbon. Click on Valorx App Store then a list of Apps will be displayed. Some of the apps are provided at free of cost and some of the apps are chargeable.

Designers should have Active Connection to download the apps. Below validation message will be displayed when there is no active connection.

To install any desired App. click on GET. In the below image, the app is listed as FREE; hence, no price will be charged. The app will be installed on the designer's desktop. Valorx even provides a free trial.

Let's have a look at the app in the image below, which is listed as $299. Designers need to pay $299 to get this app.

Click on Install, and the app will be saved to the Org.

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