Add Field

The Add Field task enables the users to add a field(s) in the sheet while executing any App in the runtime mode.

You can access it from the Add Field tab in the Tasks menu. By clicking the 'New Add Field Task' button, the Add Filed Task screen appears as shown in the image below:

You can select the desired configuration for adding a field(s) using the options described as follows:

  1. Selecting the desired map upon which the field is to be added.

  2. Field Type: Fields List or Spacer (blank) Field.

  3. Start Location where the field has to be added.

  4. Map Field Type: Display Only or Display And Save

  5. Value type: Static, Cell Reference and Named Range

  6. Add Value: Input field values

Once the Add Field Task has been created, you can create a workflow and use it to add field(s) in the runtime mode.

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