Application Program Interface (API) allows Valorx Fusion App to call Salesforce Webservices. Salesforce will allow to create API using external platforms. Designers can create an Apex Class in Salesforce by logging into your Org Id or they can even use the existing or predefined API enabled classes.

Create a Apex Class in Salesforce. Once a class is created then, open an app from Connections List in Design Studio, and click on Task and select New API Task.

API Task window will open which will have Class Name, Name, Classes and Actions.

Follow the below steps to create and run an API through Valorx Fusion.

  • Provide the name of the API task under Class Name.

  • Select the class from the drop-down provided under "Classes".

  • Select the Actions from the drop-down ( Method that we used to create API task).

  • Parameter Mapping will be displayed depending on the Actions selected.

  • Select where to display the results under Return Type Mapping.

  • Click Save.

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