Clear Task as the name suggests it will clear the records from a Map without affecting records in your CRM. Hence, the records will still exists in Salesforce. Clear Task will have two modes like Clear All and Clear Record ID.

To get started with Clear Task open an Excel and click Start from Valorx Fusion Ribbon.

Now, open an app from Connections List in Design Studio, and click on Task and select New Clear Task.

Now, Clear Task window will open which will have the Name, Map, Object Name and Mode.

Clear All: Clear All mode clears the records from Excel and re-initialize the Map. Designers will have an option to confirm the deletion of the record by checking on "Ask for confirmation before clearing records".

Clear Record ID: Clear Record ID keeps the records on Excel, but disconnect the records associations with your CRM. Upon save, these records are processed as new records onto your CRM.

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