Document Task will be used to save the Valorx Fusion App as an Excel or PDF file onto a Salesforce record in Notes and Attachment, or Files.

To get started with creating a Document Task open an Excel and click Start from Valorx Fusion Ribbon.

Now, open an app from Connections List in Design Studio, and click on Task and select Document.

Click New Document Task and a window will open which will have four configurations sections like Location, Selection, File Format and File Name.

Location: Salesforce provides two types of file storage to the Designers to save the App. Designers can either save the app in Files or Notes and Attachments depending on the requirement. All application files will be stored to Files. Notes and Attachments will save both the Files and Notes and Attachments.

File Format: Designers can save the file in two different formats like Excel and PDF.

Selection: Designers will have two options to select either they want to select the entire Workbook or they want to Custom Sheets and select the particular part of the sheet.

File Name: App Name, Custom Name and Cell Reference are the three formats in which Designers can save the app to Salesforce along with the time stamp if they feel it is needed.

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