Query is used to build the relationship between the Maps and the Data Modelling. Designers can create the Query Task in three different Modes like Standard, User Selection (Full) and User Selection (Compact).

To get started with creating a Query Task open an Excel and click Start from Valorx Fusion Ribbon.

Now, open an app from Connections List in Design Studio, and click on Task and select New Query.

A Query Task pane will open which will have three different selection types like Standard, User Selection (Full) and User Selection (Compact). Click on Add Filter and once the filters are added click Save.

Standard : Designers can add this standard query task when Users need not perform or select any action in Runtime. Standard Query Task happens in the background without needing Runtime users to perform any actions.

User Selection (Full) : This Query task will displays a list of records for the users to filter and choose.

User Selection (Compact) : User Selection (Compact) allows users to configure the filters, but they can't choose the records that are retrieved. All records that matches the filters will be retrieved.

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