Refresh Ribbon

Refresh Ribbon task will hide or disable those button which are not used when an app opens. It will display all the buttons which Designer defines on the Workflow either in group or single buttons. Refresh Ribbon task will always refreshes the ribbon as per the instruction provided by the Designer.

To get started with creating a Refresh Ribbon Task open an Excel and click Start from Valorx Fusion Ribbon.

Now, open an app from Connections List in Design Studio, and click on Task and select New Refresh Ribbon Task.

A Refresh Ribbon task bar will open where Designers can find all the runtime buttons of Valorx Fusion. Designers will have an option either to Hide or Show the buttons over the Valorx Fusion Ribbon. Designers can decide whether they want the button to be displayed in a group or individual button display.

Designers also have an option called Rule based apart from than hide or show. Once ,we select Rule then we can see Define Rule where, Designers can Add the rules of their choice depending on the complexity of the app.

Click Define Rules which opens "Rules of : Refresh Ribbon Task". Select Add Rule then, we can find different attributes to add the rules. Designers can even have an option which is called "Add Rule Logic".

Rule Type: Rule type is nothing but, on which basis Designer want to define the rule. In this, we have few options like Excel Reference, Name Range Reference, Launch Mode, Save Results and Field Values.

Data Intake Object: This will indicate on which basis the data will take the input. It is based on the rule type and this will contain all the objects on the map.

Field Name: This will contain all the field names on the map.

Operator: Operator will contains drop-down through which will define the results based on the data intake.

Value Type: This field will contain the value from which the results needs to be defined like Excel Reference, Constant Value, Name Range Reference.

Value: Designer will provide a value in this field and this field is linked to operator. In case Designer provides Equals in Operator and provide Value as 5 hence, the results will be displayed which are equal to 5.

Rules will be defined either on a single button or for a group we cannot define rules for a single button in a group.

Workflow and UX: Designers will define the buttons in Workflow. On this Workflow Designers will find Default Visibility by enabling this option we can see the buttons on the Valorx Ribbons. In case this is disabled we cannot find the buttons on the Ribbon.

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