💡The power of Design Studio

Design Studio serves as a comprehensive platform tailored for App Designers, empowering them with the necessary tools to model, configure, and modify Valorx Fusion Apps. The primary purpose of this platform is to streamline the app development process and facilitate efficient customization.

To gain a deeper understanding of Design Studio's functionalities, we will guide you through its core features and capabilities step by step.

New Valorx Fusion Apps: Within Design Studio, App Designers are equipped with the ability to craft brand new Valorx Fusion Apps that cater to the unique requirements of users within your team. These apps are specifically designed to enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and address specific business needs.

Three Ways to Create a Valorx Fusion App: App Designers have the flexibility of employing three distinct methods to create Valorx Fusion Apps:

  1. Template-Based Creation: Utilizing predefined templates, designers can quickly set up functional and visually appealing apps. These templates are built to accommodate a variety of use cases, saving time and effort in the app creation process.

  2. Custom Development: For more tailored and specialized applications, App Designers have the option to build apps from scratch. This method allows for complete control over the app's features, design, and functionality to ensure a perfect fit for your team's unique requirements.

  3. Modification of Existing Apps: Design Studio also permits the modification and enhancement of pre-existing Valorx Fusion Apps. App Designers can fine-tune these apps, adjusting features or adding new elements to suit evolving needs, thereby maximizing their utility.

There are two ways to create an app:

  1. Design Studio Mode: In this mode, you have access to various features such as Data Modeling, Maps, Task, and Workflow, all available under the "App" section.

  2. Express Mode: This is the fastest method to create an app. For more detailed information about Express Mode, please refer to the dedicated section.

New App with an Existing Template

If your team is currently utilizing an Excel template and desires to transform it into a Valorx Fusion App, you can easily achieve this by following these steps:

  1. Connect your environment to Valorx Fusion.

  2. Once connected, access the Apps List.

  3. Click on the "New App" option to initiate the process of creating a new app.

  1. Select "Existing Template" as the App Type.

  2. Use the "Browse File" option to choose the desired Excel template.

  3. This process will transform your Excel template into a functional Valorx Fusion App.

  4. Now, you can begin the integration process with your CRM and utilize the app to streamline your workflows effectively.

The App Name will be default to the selected template's name, but you can always overwrite it.

New App with a New Template

We absolutely recommend you to start an App using Express Mode if you know exactly what objects/entities and fields you want to integrate with. However, we do provide a way to start building an App from scratch using a blank template.

  1. Connect your environment to Valorx Fusion.

  2. Access the Apps List.

  3. Click on "New App" to initiate the creation process.

  1. Choose New Template under App Type and give your App a descriptive name.

  2. Click on Create, and you are on your way to awesomeness.

Valorx Fusion supports XLSX, XLSM, and XLSB Excel formats out-of-the-box. If you are not sure, always pick XLSX.

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