Active Subscription

"Active Subscription" section in "My Account" provides users with information about their current subscription to a particular product. This section is particularly useful for users who have ongoing subscriptions, as it allows them to keep track of important details related to their subscriptions.

The "Active Subscription" section typically displays the product name, the quantity of the product that the user has subscribed to, and the subscription end date. These details provide users with a clear understanding of the subscription they have signed up for, including the quantity of the product and when their subscription will expire.

In addition to these details, the "Active Subscription" section may also display various actions that the user can take related to their subscription. For example, the user may be able to modify or cancel their subscription, update their payment details, or change the frequency of their subscription.

By having access to the "Active Subscription" section in "My Account," users can easily manage their ongoing subscriptions. They can keep track of important details related to their subscription, make any necessary changes or updates, and stay informed about the product they are subscribed to.

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