"Environment" section in "My Account" provides Customers with access to all the white-label Org Id(s) for both production and sandbox environments. This section contains important information related to each specific environment, such as the environment name, CRM (customer relationship management) system being used, environment ID, and type.

The "Environment" section allows Customers to easily view and manage all of their environments in one centralized location. Customers can add or delete environments as needed, which can be particularly useful for those who are managing multiple environments simultaneously.

Adding new environments can be useful for customers who need to create a new instance of a particular environment, such as a new sandbox environment for testing or development purposes. Similarly, deleting environments that are no longer needed can help to keep a customer's account organized and reduce clutter.

By having access to the "Environment" section in "My Account," customers can easily manage their various environments and ensure that they have the necessary resources to effectively use the service. This section provides customers with a convenient and user-friendly way to manage their environments, making it easier for them to stay organized and productive.

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