Sign Up to Valorx Account

As a first-time user or a new user, signing up for a Valorx account is crucial as it grants you access to manage your Fusion environments and users effectively. Valorx provides a platform where you can handle various aspects related to Fusion environments, such as configuration settings, user permissions, and system administration.

The process of signing up for a Valorx account is designed to be simple and user-friendly. To begin the signup process, you will need to locate the "Sign In" option on the Valorx website.

Now, you will see a hyperlink labeled "New User? Sign Up here." By clicking on this hyperlink, you will be directed to the signup page. The hyperlink serves as a direct link that simplifies the signup process and helps new users easily find the appropriate page to create their account.

In case you are accessing to sign in through the Manage Accounts section on Valorx Home, you will be directed to the same Sign In page for Valorx.

After clicking on the hyperlink, you will be directed to the "Sign Up for your Valorx account" page, where you will need to fill in all the required information. The form will ask for personal details such as your First and Last Name, Email address, Password, Phone number, and Company.

The Phone number field is optional and mainly related to sales. If you prefer not to provide this information, you can skip it.

After filling out the form, you can proceed by clicking the "Sign up" button to finalize the signup process.

  • It is important for users to note that they should always use the same email address and password they used during the signup process to log in to their Valorx account.

  • Users can upgrade the plan on our website to purchase the license or they contact sales when the 15 days free trial expires.

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