Launch CRM

Designers have an option to launch the app rom CRM or Salesforce when, they want. This is made simple with one of our workflow properties Launch CRM. Designers will have to create a Launch CRM task query which will be displayed under workflow.

Open an app and select Workflow and UX from Valorx Fusion Ribbon.

Designers will find Workflow Settings on the right hand side. Click on the drop-down and the Workflow properties gets expanded. Designers can find two options like Launch from CRM and Run at App Launch.

Select "Launch from CRM " this will provide the Launch from CRM instructions button click on it and a popup window opens which will guide the user on how to configure a workflow to launch it from CRM.

Refer Launch from CRM to know more information on the instructions button.

Designers can easily find when an app is selected to Launch from CRM as the app will be marked with the symbol shown below.

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