Query Task is one of the properties where Designers will make the steps. Whenever we drag and drop any task from Toolbox to designer canvas it becomes a step of the workflow. So for every step in workflow there is a common property called Step Name which is a Task name by default but user can overwrite it anytime. Lets have a quick look at the task properties of different tasks.

Every Query task returns data and every step created from Query task needs an Output Name to uniquely identify the data retrieved in that specific step. Query task can also contain Filters of different types. Whenever filter of type Data Intake is there in Query it requires that Data Intake to execute the Query task. For such Data Intake filtered tasks Query properties will have Data Intakes section to select required Object data which is nothing but an output of other task. Edit button to edit actual Query Task associated with the step.

Expand the Query Task and you will find all the Maps. Drag and drop it in the workflow below the Start button.

On the right hand side we can find Workflow Settings where Designers will add the Data Intake and select the Ribbon Icons which will be displayed under Workflow Trigger.

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