Workflow Designer

Workflow is a place where all bits and pieces come together to create a magic. It provides a drag-and-drop interface for designing a meaningful course of actions utilizing Maps, Tasks and many other useful features of Workflow. It resembles flowchart where each step contributes to the final goal of the flow.

Workflow Settings

Workflow settings contain two things Workflow properties and selected Task properties.

Workflow properties get expanded by clicking Workflow Name. It allows the user to edit workflow properties like Name, Workflow ID, which will be used in Launch from CRM, and Run at App Launch, which enables the workflow to run when the App is opened in runtime mode. Users can enable the offline mode by checking the offline mode option.

Run Workflows Offline

Offline Mode for Workflow Ux is one of the important features which we have implemented in V13. Offline mode will help the users to use the app even if they are offline and it will avoid many steps. Users will always have the option to go back Online. Users need to first enable this offline mode from Workflow and UX and Settings.

Follow the below steps to enable the offline mode from Settings.

  • Open an App in Design Studio.

  • Click Settings from the Valorx Fusion ribbon tab.

  • Go to App Settings and select โ€œEnable Offline Modeโ€, "Run when going offline" and "Run when going online".

Follow the below steps to enable the offline mode from Workflow and UX.

  • Open an App from Design Studio and click on Workflow and UX from the Valorx Fusion ribbon button.

  • Check in the option for "Run while going Offline".

  • Click Save.

Now, open the App in Runtime mode and save the app in desired location. Users will find two options when they open the saved file.

Connect the app with any one of the two options:

  1. Connect - This will connect you to the app in Design Studio.

  2. Continue Offline โ€“ This will open the Runtime Saved file and Users can make the changes to the App.

Note: Users can go online when they want by clicking on โ€œGo Onlineโ€ this will again connect us to Design Studio.

'Launch from CRM instructions' Button

Designer Canvas

Designer canvas is an area where User can drag and drop various tasks from Toolbox and it becomes a Step of the workflow.

Each step is connected with an arrow connector which specifies the direction of the flow and the next Step in sequence. It also provides ability of zooming and panning, fit to screen and other helping features to visualize and navigate within the canvas.

Workflow always has a step named "Start" which is its default starting point when executed.

Workflow Trigger

Workflow trigger has a section which is named as Excel Ribbon.

When Excel Ribbon is checked workflow gets associated with a Ribbon button. Excel Ribbon section allows user to either select or create Button Group which will be rendered at Runtime in Ribbon. User can change the Label of the button, its icon and the size of the button. These are the same things that can be done from Ribbon UX too.

Users can select the size of the button either small or large and also select the button of their choice from Valorx Icon Store.

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