Workflow Settings - Button Click

Designer will configure the workflow and add a button which will be displayed on the Valorx Fusion Ribbon bar. These buttons which Designers design will be displayed under Runtime UX. Users can launch the app just by clicking on the button. Designers can choose the buttons of their choice and provide a name to the buttons as per the requirement.

Follow the below steps to create the app buttons.

  • Click on Workflow and UX and Workflow window will open.

  • Click on New Workflow and create the workflow.

  • Once the workflow is created on the right hand Users will find a Excel Ribbons.

  • Users needs to click on Change and select the button of their choice from Valorx Icon Store and click OK.

  • Select the size of the icon Large Icon or Small Icon.

  • Click Save.

Designers has successfully created the buttons in Design Studio. Now, the buttons which Designers has created will be displayed on the Valorx Ribbon.

Let's have a look at the below image, the buttons in highlighted area are created by the Designer in Workflow and named that section as My opportunities. Users, can just click on those buttons in Runtime and the results will be displayed.

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