Express Mode

Super Fast Way to create an App

It's super easy and quickest way to create your first App with Express Mode where you can Preview the app and Save it whenever you feel its OK to have it available as an app.

Quickest way to Preview and Create App

On clicking Express Mode, user will get following screen where they can search objects from the search bar which can be included in the app.

The moment user selects the Object it gets added to the Objects list, and it immediately opens up the Field selection window for the added Objects.

User can quickly search and select fields to be included for the selected object and at this point user can simply hit the Preview button, and Express Mode will create all required building blocks of an app and it will also run the preview of an app.

Express Mode with multiple objects

In the above screenshot we can see two objects are selected and on the right hand side its basic workflow is also created. In the selected object cards we can see some details like where exactly the data will be rendered and whether the data is filtered or not by number of filters created. We can configure object's fields, Query and Map by expanding the card to fine tune our app.

On selecting already added object's card it gets expanded to give more detailed options to fine tune basic building blocks. Here in above snapshot Query Mode is updated to User Selection and Map's location and its Layout type is updated from Grid to Form as we want a single record to be displayed. For the second object we have updated Map's location and its Layout type is Grid only to show multiple records related to first object. And here we go for Preview to get following output.

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