Connections List

Once the installation of Valorx Fusion is completed successfully, then users need to create a New Connection. This screen will allow you to connect to the existing connections, or manage your connections.

After the installation, the user should see Valorx Fusion Ribbon tab in the Excel sheet. This means you have successfully installed Valorx Fusion.

New Connection

Users should first create a connection before creating an app. Users can create new connection under four different Login Endpoints like Login, Sandbox, Custom Domain and Community.

Follow the below steps to create a New Connection.

  1. Click on Valorx Fusion Ribbon tab and click on Start.

  2. Connections window will open and now users needs to click on New Connection.

  3. Provide the name of the connection under Connection Name.

  4. A Salesforce Connection window will open which will have four Login Endpoint like Login, Sandbox, Custom Domain and Community.

  • Login : Users can create the connection with their Salesforce Org by providing Salesforce Login credentials.

  • Sandbox : Users can create the connection with Salesforce Sandbox Org by providing the login credentials.

  • Custom Domain : As the name suggests here, users can create

  • Community : Community URL needs to be validated when adding a new connection to the start screen. Example : If provided URL has a pattern of "*" then provide a valid suggestion.

Click on Add then, provide the login credentials for Salesforce.

Missing Package/Configuration

Users may receive the below Missing Package/Configuration message when they do not have the Valorx Package installed or expired. This validation message will guide the users to verify few points if the package is installed and active.

  • Check if the Valorx Managed Package is installed. Install the package from AppExchange in case it is not installed.

  • Contact if the package has expired.

  • If the package is installed check if the Valorx Licence and Permissions are assigned.

Missing Prerequisite Step

Users may receive the below Missing Prerequisite Site message when the permissions are not set however, the Valorx Package is installed.

  • Check if the Valorx Managed Package is installed correctly.

  • Check whether the permission set is assigned to the account which are needed to access the Valorx resources.

CRM Environment not found

Users need to follow the below steps when they receive the below message for CRM Environment not found.

  • Please connect with your Valorx Administrator to white-label the mentioned Org Id.

  • Valorx Administrators can white-label the Org Id(s) by logging into their Valorx account over the Valorx website.

Auto Connect

Users can mark the frequently used connections as Auto Connect if they do not wish to click on the Connect button every time.

Follow the below steps to mark the apps to Auto-Connect.

  • Click on Start and open Connections window.

  • Now select the drop-down then, the list of all the Apps under that connection will show.

Users will find the below headers for every connection.

  • Name: Users can find the list of connections under this header and even users can edit the name of the connection from here.

  • Auto Connect: Users can Auto Connect the connections by moving the button from left to right.

  • Status: Users can find the status of the connection like Connected or Not Connected. Users can easily log out the connection by clicking on Log Out. Users can even connect to the connection by clicking on Connect. Every connection which is connected will have Admin button where, users can find the information of the Valorx Package details by clicking on Admin button.

  • Click on Start and all the auto connected apps will appear besides Active Connections.

  • Valorx Fusion supports multi-connections. Users can login to different environments and work on different Valorx Fusions Apps at the same time.

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