Valorx Administration

Valorx Admins can be used to provide the License to users. User will be assigned to either Design Studio, Runtime Only, Runtime + Express Mode access depending on the user requirement.

Valorx Admin screen will show the information about the package and Organization Id. It will also show number of License(s) assigned.

Follow the below steps to add a user and provide the License.

  • Click on Add User.

  • Search for the user by clicking on Search button.

  • check-in against the user name which needs to be added.

  • click on Add User.

As the user is added now it is time to provide the License. Users will be provided with different level of access depending on the requirement. Access can be provided by just turning on the radio button, and click on Save. Below are the different access levels.

Design Studio: This permission will provide the access to user to design and modify an app through Design Studio. User can also promote Apps, manage access control, and download Apps from the Valorx App Store.

Runtime + Express Mode: This access will allow end users to run the Valorx Apps. User will be able to use the Express Mode without the ability to save the App.

Runtime Only: This permission will allow the users to run the Valorx Apps. User assigned to this permission cannot make any changes to the app.

None: This permission will not allow user to enter the app as there is no access provided. User will receive the below pop up to check and add the fields.

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