🧩What is a Valorx App?

Valorx App is a Microsoft Excel template that is tailored to work with the objects/entities and fields in your CRM.

Take a look at the below example of Valorx App - it looks just like an Excel file that you work with everyday, but it has deeply integrated with Salesforce. In this example, the table is constructed using the records from the Opportunity object in Salesforce. Users can easily retrieve data, work on the data using Excel's functionalities, and save the data back to Salesforce with just a button click.

It needs little to no trainingđŸĨŗ

Using a Valorx App is exactly like using an Excel workbook. All the functionalities (Data Filters, Formulas, Conditional Formatting, Pivot Table, Charts and so on) will continue to work, because they are still in Excel.

To access Valorx functionalities, users need to click on the buttons in the Valorx Fusion Ribbon - exactly the same way they would use normal Excel functionalities like inserting a Pivot Table or Chart.

Majority of the Valorx Fusion Ribbon buttons are customizable by App Designers in Design Studio. These buttons are governed by the Workflow and UX.

🖌ī¸pageWorkflow and UX

Designers and Runtime Users

In Valorx Fusion, there are two ways to interact with a Valorx Fusion App - Design Studio and Runtime.

Design Studio is built for App Designers to model, configure, and modify Valorx Fusion Apps, which will be available for the users.

💡pageThe power of Design Studio

Runtime is where a user will run a Valorx Fusion App, and use it to retrieve and modify data from your CRM. Runtime user will not be able to modify the Valorx Fusion App in the cloud.

⏱ī¸pageRuntime UX

Single Source of Truth

All your Valorx Apps are stored in your CRM, which means everyone in your team will be using the same Excel template for their day-to-day operations. Only dedicated Valorx Designers can modify your Valorx Apps. This minimizes the confusion around having multiple versions of Excel workbooks shared across your team.

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