Getting Started

Getting Started

  • Once the installation is completed, open a blank Google Sheet and the user should go back to Add-ons, and here user will find Valorx for Salesforce hover on it, and click on Start.

  • Now a Task pane will open where user can add a new connection by clicking on New Connection.

  • Provide the credentials, and click on Add.

Connections: This is used to create new connections and find any existing connections. Users can find which Org they are connected. Users can connect to multiple Salesforce Orgs. This will show all the information like which org is connected, it will provide an option to logout from the connected org, gives an option to connect.

Users will receive the below warning message when they try to delete a connection.

Apps: Users can open assigned apps from Apps List in Runtime mode. Users can search and find the apps from the list. Once an app is open users can find the option to open the App Menu or a New Copy of the app.

Users can find the owner information by hovering on the app name. This will show when the app modified or used.

App Menu

Users can find this App Menu when an app is opened. Users will find the Workflow action buttons which are created and the toolbox default buttons under App Menu.

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