Microsoft Excel for Windows

Excel is one of the supported platforms where users can run Valorx Fusion

Microsoft Excel is one of the highly recommended and used sheets for any data computation. Valorx will make it more easy by building a platform between Excel and Salesforce.

Valorx has built Valorx Fusion with one motive to make it easy for the user by keeping all the users in mind.

Installing Valorx Fusion

To get Valorx Fusion running on your computer, please follow the below steps.

  • Click here to download the latest Valorx Fusion.

  • Once the installation page pops up, check in the Terms and Conditions and click on INSTALL.

  • Once the installation is complete user need to click on Finish.

  • Once the installation is completed, open Microsoft Excel, and you should see Valorx Fusion Ribbon tab. This means you have successfully installed Valorx on your computer.

  • Select Valorx Fusion and click on Start.

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