Detailed list of all the user activities

Logs provides more information to users about all the user activities both in Runtime and Design Studio. Users can visit the Logs under Settings to check for the reason of any failed activity.

To view product logs users need to click on Settings and select Logs under Fusion.

Let us have a look at different types of Fusion Logs.

  • Studio Logs

  • Runtime Logs

  • Audit Logs

  • Valorx Home Logs

Studio Logs

All the logs related to Design Studio can be viewed under Studio Logs. Users can view all the failed configurations occurred while designing an App in Design Studio.

Runtime Logs

All the logs related to Runtime can be viewed under Runtime Logs. Users can view all information regarding any action failed during the Runtime of an App in Runtime Logs.

Audit Logs

All the Save Summary in Runtime mode can be viewed under Audit Logs. Users can view all the information like Skipped, Success or Failed while saving an App in Audit Logs.

Valorx Home Logs

Previously, we had two different sections like Service Logs and Valorx Home Logs. Valorx Home Logs are now merged with Service Logs.

In this users can find all the logs related to Home screen and its service under Valorx Home Logs along with the reason for the failed action.

Users can always delete the logs by clicking on Clear Logs and also open the logs in notepad by clicking on Open Files.

Individual Logs can be copied to Clipboard by clicking on Copy Logs symbol shown in image.

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