Dec 21 Release (V45)

Announcing Google Sheets – Dec 21 Release (V45)

Valorx is back with another updated version for our Google Sheets V45. In this release we have introduced Refresh Ribbon Task and made changes to Decision Task, Display Task and Start Screen.

New Features

Refresh Ribbon Task

Refresh Ribbon Task is a new feature which we have added to our Google Sheets V45 as we thought to build similarity between our Fusion and Google sheets. Refer Refresh Ribbon Task to know more on how to create a task and its functionalities.


  • In V45 release we have strived to improve our Map rendering performance time.

Bug Fixes

  • "Like" and "IN" operators are not working properly for Decision Activity task in Runtime.

  • Google has updated their HTML service iframe sandbox due to which users were facing issue in login which is now fixed.

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